21 qualities of an effective safety leader

All great security programs are run by great leaders. Mastering leadership skills is just as important as mastering safety skills. They must work hand in hand for you to develop an outstanding security initiative within your organization. Check out these twenty-one ideas to see how many you are using. This is a good list to start examining your performance. Over […]

Basic Considerations When Installing Granite Countertops

Once you’ve made the decision to include granite countertops or flooring in your home décor, you may be a little concerned about what to expect during the installation process. After all, this is a great investment in your home and you want to know that you’ve made a good decision. Assuming you’ve hired a professional granite installation company, you can […]

Vehicle-to-vehicle communications – it’s a whole new language

The inclement weather has created dangerous conditions on the roads. After your car maneuvers around a bend in the road, you encounter a collision. Your vehicle assesses the critical situation and relays the relevant information to nearby cars. Traffic farther away also receives warnings and is given sufficient time to respond to the situation. In cases of traffic congestion, drivers […]

Blog for fun and profit

Blogs have become very, very popular in recent times and that popularity continues to grow by the day. Many blogs are run solely as a social medium for sharing opinions, interests, information, etc. with friends and anyone else who wants to read. The vast majority of bloggers are not particularly interested in using their blogs as a means of generating […]

Protect your credit while traveling this summer

The summer travel season is officially here. During the summer we all like to relax and unwind while traveling with our family and friends. As you relax, don’t neglect protecting your identity too much. Pickpockets, assailants, and identity thieves often attack travelers in unknown locations. Even if you let your hair down, it is important not to lower your guard. […]

How people steal your power, energy and soul

One of the least talked about topics is how people steal other people’s power, soul, and energy. It is more common than you can understand and goes beyond the realm of the physical dimension with people and extends into the non-physical dimension with non-physical beings. The people of the earth have what is called a soul or personal power. The […]