Renters Insurance

Protecting your assets and third party liability risks should be a top concern for all renters simply because accidents happen and we rarely have visibility into them until after the fact. An unattended pot or overflowing bathtub can do great damage to your unit and contents. Renters insurance covers your contents against loss from fire, smoke damage, water damage, vandalism, […]

Painting Contractors Are A Must For House Painting Services

Hiring painting contractors is essential for home renovation projects and repainting work. Painting contractors are a group of professionals who provide painting services for homes or commercial buildings. Their experience in repainting work and home renovation project helps to quickly and easily redecorate home or office. They offer a wide range of remodeling services for any home renovation project with […]

4 popular bathroom flooring options

What are the best flooring options for your bathroom floor? As you will discover when you start to investigate, they all have advantages and disadvantages. Ceramic tile floors have been a staple of many home and bathroom renovations dating back to the ancient Egyptian and Chinese empires. Ceramic tiles are basically slabs of clay that have been heated to high […]

A few words about cricket

“But we don’t judge a cricketer as much by the runs he gets as by the way he gets them.” In both literature and finance, says Washington Irving, “a lot of paper and a lot of poverty can coexist.” And in cricket, too, a lot of racing and a lot of boredom can be associated. If cricket is threatened with […]

Investors from Europe buy US real estate

Many investors from Europe and the United Kingdom are buying real estate in the United States. I interviewed a real estate agent in California a week ago and he was telling me how bad the market was until he started working with investors from Europe and the UK. “They just have a lot of money,” he said, “I met them […]

Explanation of the dangers of condominiums

Condominiums have grown to become a major habitat in urban centers across North America. Touted as a carefree lifestyle housing alternative, they have become very popular, especially over the last 10 years or so. Single people, couples without children, and retirees seem to be particularly drawn to them, mainly because of the convenient amenities in and around them. However, for […]

What is a good wood pest inspection?

A wood pest inspection, as carried out in most countries, must be more than just looking for termites. Surely a client wants to know if termites exist or have existed, and would like to know what to do with them if he finds them. They probably want to know this above all else. Inspectors should also include borers, fungi, or […]