Five trendy flooring options

Choosing the right flooring can be tricky. Depending on the purpose of the room and the designer’s preferred style, here are five options that will help make the process easier. 1 rug Carpet is an affordable option that you will see in bedrooms and office spaces. Advances in technology have made rugs more durable, stain resistant, and able to minimize […]

Recruitment in Education and Initial Teacher Training: A Caribbean Perspective

The need to incorporate teachers into Initial Teacher Training and Education (ITET) is a worldwide fact. However, for the Caribbean region, the challenge is made worse when viewed in light of the fact that trained Caribbean teachers are being recruited to serve in other countries and regions. Mike Baker, education correspondent for the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) in his 2002 […]

Construction contractor, handyman or broker?

All homeowners need help around the house, from small repairs or fixes to renovations. But how can you determine what kind of professional to hire? Here are some tips and differences in home improvement professionals that you should consider. Contractor vs. Handyman: A contractor’s fee to handle small projects can often be prohibitively expensive. A handyman typically handles small jobs […]

Air circulation and humidity of the refrigerator

The refrigerator relies on forced air to transfer heat. The fans inside the appliance move the air. The faster the air flows, the faster the heat is removed. For this reason, you don’t want to do anything to block the airflow. There are three basic types of forced air systems in refrigerators. roof type cooling, a single fan is mounted […]

Tax Gifts to Real Estate Owners

Is real estate still a good investment? As a landlord who is sometimes faced with rowdy tenants or unexpected repairs, you may be wondering whether or not it’s still worth it. Despite these headaches and continued pessimism about property prices, owning investment property still provides a number of benefits. Buying a property offers a number of favorable tax benefits, a […]

Istanbul real estate and what to expect from it

When one hears about Istanbul, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is its history, huge mosques, bazaars and of course ancient streets that contain some of the best places to experience authentic Turkish food. Baklava, a traditional Turkish dessert, originates from Istanbul! The city, like Turkey, has a long and dynamic past behind it. Formerly known as […]

phishing is over

During these last lazy days of summer, a fishing trip might seem like a great idea as a favorite hobby for many. But beware of other types of ‘phishermen’ on ‘phishing expeditions’. Phishing is a favorite process for fraudsters to try to get consumers to divulge personally identifiable information such as account numbers, social security numbers, or addresses. Once a […]

Real estate market misery

Your house is on the market to sell. In the past three months, it has only had a few viewers, but nothing has happened. You keep thinking, what will help it sell? You’ve got flyers. You are planning an open house. Recently, the price has come down a bit. Your house is still for sale. The days on the market […]

Owning a Multi-Family Home: Is It For You?

People buy and own multi-family homes for a variety of reasons. Some do so because they feel it’s a more affordable way to enjoy the perks of homeownership because the rents collected help offset the costs. Others acquire them strictly for investment purposes, evaluating the historical advantages, from a financial perspective, of using real estate advantageously. In any case, however, […]