Tips on how to lose belly fat

With a lifestyle so looming and hectic and it’s impossible to stop for a moment to breathe, it’s a sin if you’re bulky enough to be stranded in the middle of your job. Yes, it becomes very important to shed some fat to be ready to kill life, every time. Everyone in their endeavor is trying to adopt some methods […]

Treadmill Belts – What’s the Difference?

Walking belts are known by many different names, but there is no difference in basic accepted design, although different people may not use the same term to name a walking belt. Other names are: treadmill, walking belt, treadmill, jogging belt, bands (with the same descriptive variations), runner, and mat. For simplicity, we call it a treadmill, but our terminology doesn’t […]

In-season strength training for soccer

Over the course of a soccer season, players will experience a decline in strength and power without continued strength training. Obviously this will affect performance on the field, so continuation of the strengthening program throughout the season is crucial for success. Ten years ago, in-season weightlifting programs were mostly non-existent at the high school level. College-level strength training was done […]