A bumpy road to skin health

family history matters Although I never noticed a breakout on her beautiful dark walnut complexion, one day my mother complained of mild eczema. She rarely mentioned physical discomfort, because she had come out of a time when such things were not discussed. I later found out why he broke this taboo. She must have known my turn was imminent. And […]

The Use of FSAP EMDR in Addiction Treatment

Behavioral compulsions like sexual addiction, addictive shopping, and compulsive gambling create massive changes that affect people’s behavior, including their entire lives. According to Hase, M., Schallmayer & Sack (2008), people who have no control over their sexual, shopping or gambling behaviors tend to suffer greatly. As a result, they suffer emotional, physical and financial problems. Based on the psychodynamic etiology […]

Paul Zane Pilzer’s business challenge

Entrepreneurship is the motivating factor that has allowed many civilizations to prosper. It is a motivating and empowering spirit as well. It will often inspire many to become successful entrepreneurs. After all, there are many great rewards to be had with a “can do” entrepreneurial attitude. While it’s certainly alluring to find your own way in the world of entrepreneurship, […]

Will the pandemic become endemic?: 5 considerations

Almost two years have passed since, according to most, this horrible pandemic began to infect humans! It seems that we have missed many opportunities by failing to act, when necessary, in a timely and well-considered manner, under the auspices of scientific and medical experts and professionals! Over 800,000 Americans have lost their lives (and probably even more), and several million, […]

Tesla Steering Wheel Weight Hack

Steering Wheel Weight Hack A Tesla driver recently discovered an unusual trick: a Tesla steering wheel weight. While this trick has not yet been proven, it is certainly not an impractical or dangerous method. If you have a Tesla, you can use this hack to increase the weight of the steering wheel by a few pounds. The hack involves placing […]

5 reasons why many benefit from organizing their homes!

Why do similar houses often sell for significantly different prices? While there are many factors, including location, upkeep, specific neighborhood, curb appeal, etc., in many cases, homes that are professionally and expertly arranged tend to sell for more money and faster. what others. ! Home staging addresses areas of weakness by reducing their negative impacts while accentuating the positive ones! […]

The weapon?

Agent B. Jones had been captured by the notorious terrorist named “Colonel Z” after he was caught rummaging through Z’s office, seeking information that would send the criminal to jail without parole. Two of the Colonel’s cronies entered and drew knives. Jones fought off the man’s two thugs, but fifteen minutes into the karate action, he was tied hand and […]

8 Ecommerce Website Design Tips & Practices That Help You Sell More

Increasingly, companies are shifting every day towards the digital world. Both seller and consumer are online now. With the growing demand for eCommerce web development, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started! 1. Responsiveness People want convenience, they won’t waste time figuring out a complex situation when there are literally thousands of easy solutions […]