Ford Ecosport 2012 Vs Ford Kuga

Ford introduces the new Ecosport as its first global compact SUV in Brazil and later in Asian markets. Recently, Ford of Europe did the same designed for the global market, but announced that it was its first Kuga compact sport utility vehicle. Both Ford Ecosport and Kuga offer passenger car-like comfort and SUV versatility that deliver superior fuel efficiency, class-leading […]

How to check if your DC electric motor is gone "Bad"

Today, direct current (or DC) electric motors are used in a wide range of applications, such as moving windows and seats in your car. Due to the hidden nature of these motors, it can be very difficult to complete any repairs or maintenance on them without having to disassemble whatever it is that you are powering. That is why once […]

Audi A4: from Passat and vice versa

Sometimes an automaker will present a vehicle based on a “lower” model platform. Typically, this plan is used when costs need to be cut to achieve real savings. The theory is that the shared platform can be modified enough to distinguish the luxury model from the ordinary. Throw in leather, a taut suspension, and upgraded engine options and you can […]

Toyota dispute settlement

One of the most competitive automakers, Toyota has been recognized as the leading producer of high-caliber automobiles. This reputation changed almost everything when Toyota was forced to recall some of its models. Toyota faces tough challenges that could break the company’s name in the coming days. A fine of nearly $ 32 million – that’s the price Toyota has to […]

Things to consider when using a truck bed tent

These tents are durable and are generally available in nylon and polyurethane and also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are mostly wind and water resistant. A close cousin of the truck tent is the SUV tent. Since the rear of an SUV is already covered, these tents simply expand the useful living area by positioning […]

Ford Excursion: King of SUVs

People who are looking for a sport utility vehicle that has a truly spacious interior and space will find the Ford Excursion their best and ideal option. This vehicle has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of nine people inside its cabin. Its closest rivals include the Chevrolet Suburban and the GMC Yukon XL, but the Ford Excursion towers six […]