4 Marketing Strategies for the COVID-19 Crisis

How to Market During the Pandemic From connecting our relationships to running our small businesses, COVID-19 has transformed the way we live, work and socialize. I feel lucky that my family and I are healthy and safe, and I am trying to find positive opportunities in all of this. That’s why I recently shared an article called “How to Drive […]

Selecting the right business structure is important to incorporate a company in Singapore

They say that it is easy to incorporate a company in Singapore. However, “they” don’t tell you the complexities and twists and turns involved in starting a business in Singapore. To incorporate a business in Singapore, the first hurdle you will come across is selecting a suitable business structure. To a large extent, outsourcing the Singapore company registration process to […]

Family Law Attorney: Your Services

This is a branch of law that deals with domestic relations and family matters such as marriage, adoption, child abuse, child abduction, property settlements, child support and visitation, and more. It is also known as marriage law. In many jurisdictions, family courts have the most crowded court records. The attorney who handles these types of cases is called a family […]

The best nutritional supplements for weight loss

Even without trying to lose weight, there is no longer any question about the importance / need of taking food grade vitamin / mineral supplements. The fact is, the foods we are supposed to get all of our nutrients from are nowhere near the same as they used to be 30 years ago. GM foods, overgrown soils, and pesticides are […]

Long Beach, California Real Estate Trends

The city of Long Beach, California is an ethnically diverse area with many cultural attractions, including the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra. It is the southern end of the Los Angeles Blue Line light rail, which reaches downtown Los Angeles about 20 miles away. It has a good public transportation system and access to […]

Divorce: attorneys are the only winners

There’s a joke that scientists are starting to use lawyers instead of lab rats for their experiments. Scientists were apparently getting too attached to rats and there are some things that even rats don’t do. Is this cynical? Maybe. But there is also an element of truth when it comes to lawyers and divorces. During a divorce, your emotions are […]

Lightweight composite panel

However, the technology is not new. For years, composites or sandwich panels have been used in civil and military aircraft manufacturing, and more recently they have been used in racing vehicles, ship building, and even specialized architecture. A typical Boeing civilian aircraft can be composed of up to 5-15% composite panel, although recently Boeing announced that the new 7E7 would […]

Tremec TKO Transmissions Part 1 – TKO-500 and TKO-600 Features and Background

Tremec is an OE transmission supplier that manufactures manual transmissions for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Aston Martin, TVR, and many different medium and heavy duty truck applications. Its TKO is a heavy duty 5-speed overdrive manual transmission that was originally designed to be retrofitted to Mustang Fox bodied cars to replace the weaker T5, but will also be integrated into […]