Kitchen remodeling and inexpensive ideas

While at one point the kitchen was seen primarily as a serving area for cooking, today the kitchen has become a central, multifunctional room for many of the family’s activities. The last century has brought with it the emergence of both function and interior design within the room that we call the kitchen. When it comes to kitchen remodel and […]

Flow and kitchen design

Let’s take a look at some common food preparation flow plans that you will discover within the kitchen. The most basic and desirable flow plan is the straight line, also known as assembly line flow. Materials are constantly moving from one procedure to another in a straight line. This type of style minimizes recoil; Saves prep time and confusion about […]

Refinishing Hardwood Floors Long Island – The Easy Way

Hardwood Floors Long Island “We refinish hardwood floors.” That was my mother’s description of our company, located in Westbury NY. Founded in 1970 we serve Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island. We are a privately owned and operated refinishing hardwood floor business, third generation family-owned. My mother is a “handicap advocate”, having had to endure the loss of her hand, […]

Research to do before your kitchen remodel

When planning a kitchen remodel project, the first step is to call a remodeling company, right? Maybe not. Before you start talking to the professionals, do a little research to be in a good position to make informed decisions with your remodeling professional. Find out what you want Research the different options for floors, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. This will […]

Easy access with an L-shaped kitchen design

The L-shaped kitchen layout is efficient and modern. This design offers an efficient and easy workspace and allows your cabinets and appliances to be installed along the walls at right angles to the open center. There are many advantages to having this type of design. The work triangle An efficient kitchen must take into account the work triangle. This means […]

The beauty of country kitchen design

The kitchen is the heart of most homes. This is where family members gather while preparing dinner or having a quick bite to eat before going to school or work. That is why country kitchen designs are one of the most popular designs for the warm and cozy feeling that this type of kitchen gives. A country kitchen is incomplete […]

The latest trends in bathrooms

Hotel and spa-inspired bathrooms are considered a design trend for this year. Although bathroom trends change every year, earth tones and elements are taking center stage this year. The focus is on stone and wood elements, green plants, and natural light, all of which will help people escape the stresses of modern life. What is considered timeless when it comes […]

Large-format porcelain tiles elevate luxurious interior settings

Aim for the simple effect that often results in a powerful aesthetic! Domino’s porcelain tile collection achieves minimal effects with black and white tones and matte and gloss finishes. The shapes and sizes guarantee a great decoration. Large-format porcelain tiles simplify life with several benefits, such as easier cleaning with less grout. White Domino Porcelain Moist spaces, like bathrooms, would […]

Choosing your countertops: marble or granite?

When you are considering what material to choose for your kitchen countertops, many facets need to be carefully considered and weighed before making a decision. After all, when it comes to granite and marble, neither of the two are inexpensive options. And if you are going to spend a penny on materials to furnish your home, you must make the […]

Get the vibrant colors and materials of mosaics to bring your walls to life

Delicate mosaics in mixtures of stone, metal and glass or separately adorn the wall in the mystical colors of the rainbow. Art, fantasy, design and technology have been combined to create a superbly impressive array of color and attractive mosaics. Create designer pieces anywhere in your home or business. Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes present great opportunities for decoration. Combine them […]