Choose the best house that fits your budget

Buying your first home is the most exciting and pleasurable experience, but this happiness turns into a disaster if you don’t handle matters properly. The whole process can be complicated for beginners or for people who do not understand these matters. It’s best to hire a reputable real estate agent who has in-depth knowledge about her area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. If […]

Kitchen remodeling with a modern touch

If you’re considering remodeling an old kitchen, it’s wise to do some planning ahead so you know where to best spend your money. In some extreme remodeling situations, people have gone as far as knocking down walls to expand their kitchen area to the desired size and contemporary look. But more often than not, you can give your kitchen the […]

Canal Dover Bedroom Furniture Review

Canal Dover Furniture Company’s range of bedroom furniture is made from solid American hardwood and crafted by experienced woodworking specialists. The 28 collections – yes, 28 collections – offer you a fabulous choice of furniture regardless of your bedroom’s decorative style. We’re reviewing two of these here, from opposite ends of the spectrum. -The first is the Jamestown collection, which […]

modern bathroom design ideas

Nowadays it seems that more and more people consider their bathroom as one of the best places in their home where they can retreat from the stress of the day. A place for a TV, separate toilets, 4 and 5 shower heads in a single shower stall, soap dispensers and towel formers are part of a newly designed bathroom. A […]

Tips and ideas for decorating country houses

Farmhouse decorating is often referred to as a “rustic” decorating style and can be created whether you live in a cabin-style home, a mountain retreat, or a modern city apartment. Your home is your castle and you can create the look and feel of a country house no matter where you live. Cottage-style homes are often made of stone or […]

Rustic Country Decor: How To Decorate Cottage Style Homes

Rustic country decor and how to decorate cottage-style homes are extensions of American country decor. Also, the traditions are borrowed from French, English and some looks from Swedish countries. Rustic country decor can be defined as rough-hewn, charmingly simple, unassuming, unfinished, and yet endearing qualities. Rustic country decor includes the use of natural woods, aged surfaces, rough finishes, and clean […]

a granite life

Many varieties of granite can be found throughout the world. Granite slabs are selected based on their color and size and then cut to fit the project they are intended for. After taking millions of years to form below the earth’s surface, granite is mined, cut and sold for a variety of uses. Granite is a popular building material with […]