Financial crisis: another leadership crisis

Well, it has happened again. Just as it will happen again and again as long as there are human beings involved. The greed of a few unchecked will make the masses pay the price for years to come. Very few are willing to do the right thing. Very few are willing to stand out from the crowd, especially when there […]

How to select quality furniture

It seems that different people are reacting in different ways to the state of the current economy. Those who may have considered moving a few years ago have now decided to stay in their current homes and are pouring money into those much-talked-about upgrades, like remodeling a kitchen or redecorating the family room. Others are taking advantage of the buyer’s […]

Multiple Intelligences and their Importance in Education

Learning theories in general derive from the way theorists interpret human nature and how human beings learn. Among the learning theories proposed in the second half of the 20th century, I would like to highlight the Multiple Intelligences theory developed by Howard Gardner. Initially proposed as a theory of human intelligence, that is, as a cognitive model, MI attracted the […]

The origins of the Kadayawan festival

The Philippines is a country that values ​​its history. As many traditions have shaped the culture and views of its people, Filipinos still live in old ways and it is still evident in their lives today. Among these followed traditions are festivals honoring superior beings that elderly Filipinos believe to be the givers of their fortune. As a country brimming […]