Hyesan is the place to visit in North Korea

This is actually a border town that is located around Ryanggang province in North Korea. Hyesan is often a commercial and transportation hub, not to mention the administrative center of Ryanggang province. One can get to Hyesan from other North Korean cities by rail. The town is owned by a variety of paper, lumber and textile mills, although business in […]

Using social media to promote your business

The growth of social media continues and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. This can only be good news for those looking to take advantage of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to promote their business, product or service. It can take time to establish a proper relationship with social media users; however, if you have the […]

Using an umbrella company to your advantage

Working as a self-employed professional can be difficult as there are many complications that simply do not exist when working as an employee. However, it is possible for contractors to become employees of an umbrella company and thus eliminate the difficulties associated with self-employment while retaining the flexibility of hiring. How umbrella companies work An umbrella company is effectively an […]

What exactly is an MBA degree?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a postgraduate degree obtained from a university or college that offers both theoretical and practical training to provide graduates with general knowledge of general business management functions. The MBS degree can have a specific focus such as: accounting, marketing, or finance. An MBA degree represents a level above an undergraduate business course and […]

Signs of Mild Autism: A Parent’s Guide

If a child shows symptoms and signs of autism, the symptoms will be apparent before the child is three years old. The symptoms will manifest in three different ways: First, the child will have difficulty communicating and relating to others. Second, the child will have difficulty learning to speak and carry on conversations. Third, the child will have many withdrawn […]

Balanced Training Program

Long time trainer Bob Whelan has always been an advocate of what is known as balanced training and for that we will design a program in this article. This type of training trains the entire body in a balanced manner, consisting of an equal amount of pushing and pulling movements, along with compound lower body movements, with an emphasis on […]

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Pet Food

First time pet owners are always at a loss when it’s time to shop for the right food for their beloved pet. Going to a pet food store can be very overwhelming and confusing, especially when you’re trying to find the best food at the best price. If you recently got a new pet, here are some helpful tips to […]