Introduction to dog training

Most people need to know that training dogs is a fundamental concept when it comes to having a dog. Simply put, the main goal is to instill obedience in the dog and establish yourself as the leader of the pack. This is also a good time to bond with the dog, as the training will be fun. When can dogs […]

10 signs your date is a freak

She looks really smooth, but it’s all hooks. Don’t let me hang you from one of them. – from Jane Russell’s classic movie The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown The line between quirky and weird isn’t as thin as people casually say. First, the connotations of the word “peculiar” are not entirely negative; interesting, complicated and harmless is how we see the […]

Famous explorers mentioned in popular songs

Immigration remains one of the hottest political issues of the year, despite the irony of the founding of the country. The very men who made our Constitution were immigrants, since we are all different from the Native Americans who inhabited the earth before the explorers arrived. The most famous of the immigrants is, of course, Christopher Columbus, an Italian who […]