Thyroid problems and back pain in women

What is the thyroid? The thyroid gland is located in the neck, near the base area. It produces a hormone, thyroxine, which helps speed up the body’s process for making protein, increases metabolism, and is responsible for using stored energy. A patient suffering from chronic back pain attributable to thyroid malfunction should seek medical attention immediately, as the thyroid gland […]

Benefits of getting a pet portrait

There are definitely many good reasons that you will find when looking for a great person who will definitely be able to paint a great pet portrait or pet portraits of your beloved dog. Most of all, your big dog has definitely been by your side through a lot of different things, some good and some bad, but through it […]

The advantages of using a real estate agent

This subject is pondered a lot, both by buyers and sellers. I want to address it, but I want to disclose up front that I’m a real estate agent, so my perspective will be somewhat skewed. If you are buying a new home, I would always, ALWAYS recommend using the services of a real estate agent. First of all, and […]

Different Kashmiri Spices And Their Uses In Your Cooking

Amir commented, “You can never get the taste of Kashmiri food in Delhi.” I was electrocuted and wanted to know the reason behind it. I heard the people of the Valley remind me again and again that Kashmiri vegetables and dishes can never be found anywhere other than Kashmir. I always introspected on this and wanted to know more about […]

do the Loughborough student accommodation have private bathrooms

Loughborough student accommodation have private bathrooms When it comes to Loughborough student apartments, there are quite a few different options that students can choose from. While university-approved accommodation is available, many students prefer to look at private options that are fully furnished and are close to campus. The latter can offer all the luxuries of home and make studying in […]

How to teach this and that, these and those

A teacher asked me today how to teach this and that, this and that. Teaching this and that, this and that is easy and fun. Needs lots of real objects on hand to demonstrate the concepts of singular and plural and also distance. Begin by introducing the meaning of this and that by demonstrating with real objects. Don’t jump into […]

Corporate suites turn sour

The second quarter was tumultuous for Lehman Brothers and Wachovia Corp., two of the country’s largest financial institutions. Continuing a recent pattern of financial services firms firing their CEOs, Wachovia’s board has asked CEO G. Kennedy Thompson to retire. As of press time, Lehman Brothers CEO Richard S. Fuld, Jr. had avoided the same fate. But president and chief operating […]