Acting: how to break an emotional block

You have an audition for the role of a drug addict or someone who is suicidal. Or maybe the character is struggling with the loss of a parent or child. Either they are trying to escape from an abusive home or they are dealing with PTSD. Perhaps they are waging a war in Afghanistan or within their own community. Either […]

Best VPN Server For World’s Best VPN App

World’s Best VPN App World best VPN app is the one which is able to provide its users with the fastest and most reliable online connections. It does this by using a combination of algorithms and advanced technology coupled with its user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art networking techniques. The VPN technology helps to ensure that your network is entirely protected against […]

Can the rideshare industry reinvent itself?

It wasn’t that long ago that UBER came onto the scene. Now, just ten years later, they are considering a possible $ 120 billion valuation as an IPO. LYFT, another ridesharing business that started in 2012 now, seven years later, is valued at 15.1 billion. Ridesharing companies like Uber and LYFT were born out of the tech boom we’ve all […]

Gifting occasions and religious views

GIFTS In many societies, endowments are generally grouped together in some way. For example, in Western societies, blessings are regularly wrapped in wrapping paper and attached with a blessing note that can take note of the event, the recipient’s name, and the provider’s name. In Chinese culture, the red wrapper hints at luck. Although financial blessings are common among partners, […]

The curious change from television to catch-up television

The last decade has seen the shift in entertainment from regular televisions to online streaming apps, our very own Catch-Up TV. This movement has changed the way we watch television shows by providing unlimited access to all of our entertainment needs. Say no to download or record: Cloud streaming has made it possible to watch all of your favorite shows […]

Toys for children: everything you need to know before buying online

Children love to play; and toys make playtime fun and engaging. Child development experts say that toys promote positive learning even while entertaining. Therefore, toys can be learning aids that enhance various skills in your child. That said, not choosing the right toys for your child is harmful. In fact, you should always consider age-appropriate toys and games when shopping. […]

The largest technology IPO of 2018 is overvalued

I admit it … I’m one of those people who sings a little too loud (and a little out of tune) when I have headphones on. Especially if Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin ‘” is playing. I can’t help it, the music moves me … much to the chagrin of anyone in listening range. In fact, most of my iPhone’s memory […]

Plot Problems – Episodic Writing

The rejection letter says: “His story, on the surface, seems to be well told and has attractive characters. However, the writing is episodic; the story lacks direction.” You frown. Hey? Does the story lack direction? How could I do it? Your main character is in a search; How much more direction could you have than that? Clearly, this editor doesn’t […]