Could you sell the Eiffel Tower twice?

What could you, as a real estate agent, learn from the scammer who twice sold the Eiffel Tower? In the good old days (the 1920s) there was a man named Victor Lustig who was a smooth-tongued criminal who went from one scam to another, always looking for a way to separate people from their money. He was involved in many […]

Main facts about society and business

A partnership can be defined as an association of two or more persons who have agreed to combine their labor, property, and skill, or some or all of them, for the purpose of engaging in lawful business and sharing profits and losses with each other. Partnerships present the parties involved with special challenges that must be addressed until an agreement […]

Choose the best house that fits your budget

Buying your first home is the most exciting and pleasurable experience, but this happiness turns into a disaster if you don’t handle matters properly. The whole process can be complicated for beginners or for people who do not understand these matters. It’s best to hire a reputable real estate agent who has in-depth knowledge about her area of ​​interest. If […]

8 advantages of using Windows Movie Maker

If you are looking for the best movie maker then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we are going to take a look at the benefits of Windows Movie Maker. Keep reading to know more 1. Work with and without a camera If you want to use this software program, you need to connect a camera […]

Military, PAMED and social media monitoring in Nigeria

Recently, reports of hate speech in Nigeria have reached the print and electronic media, as well as social media. The tension comes to mind here. This is quite unfortunate. The military isn’t comfortable with the unfolding drama, and Maj. Gen. John Enenche, director of defense information, said so. Enenche spoke harshly about social networks now policed ​​by the military for […]

Home Gym Vs Health Club – Which is your choice?

In doubt about joining a health club or buying a home gym? Both options come with their own advantages and disadvantages. A Health Club gives its members access to a wide selection of exercise equipment that makes it easy to get a full-body workout using the latest equipment. Also, you do your exercises without getting bored because you will be […]

Use nature’s recipe for your beauty

There is a common saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The elixir of beauty and the quest to immortalize youth and beauty has led to the development of countless beauty products. But there is no better way to maintain beauty than by using what nature prescribes best. Some of the man-made beauty and personal care products […]