Excursions from Reus

Reus is located in the northeast of Spain on the Costa Dorada. It is a historic city with a number of interesting places to visit and when you need to take some time there are a wide variety of bars, restaurants and shops. Reus airport is just 2 km from the city and about 80 km south of Barcelona on […]

Reflections of traveling to Mexico

As a certified travel agent for four decades, an international airline employee, researcher, writer, teacher and photographer, travel, whether for business or pleasure, has always been an important and integral part of my life. Some 400 trips to all parts of the world, by road, rail, sea and air, involved both worldly and exotic destinations. This article focuses on those […]

Central-Southern California Coast

Traveling along the Pacific coast on Highway 1 between San Simeon and Carmel through Big Sur is filled with spectacular scenery, where turquoise waters crash against sheer cliffs and mountains that rise from the ocean. For more than 60 miles, the road winds along the cliff faces and offers breathtaking views at every corner. Along the way there are excerpts […]

Fun things to do in Goa

Fun things to do in Goa Hi there! It has been a while that the new cosmic energies have not yet disappeared in your life, which brings a bit of joy. I heard you are in Goa these days. True to its name, Goa, the land of beaches, ensures that holidays should have a magnetic charm forever. Before delving into […]

Interview with Andy Scott, sculptor of Monumental Kelpies Horses Part 1 of 2

Tea Kelpies as they are known are a pair of imposing horse heads, which were designed by Glasgow sculptor Andy Scott as part of a canal renovation near Glasgow. The monuments were intentionally designed with the industrial aesthetics of Glasgow and Falkirk in central Scotland in mind, with structural columns and beams visible through the skin’s laser-riveted steel plates. The […]

Taking the kids to Maine – Part 2

Whale watching seemed completely strange and exciting for a family from the heart of America. So armed with “sea bands” (for motion sickness) we decided to embark on this adventure. Although the weather in Bar Harbor was 65 with a slight haze, we were full of anticipation. The woman at the ticket counter said we had to dress warm because […]

South Africa: a whirlwind tour of the cities

South Africa is synonymous with Nelson Mandela, fine wines, sports heroes, game watching, vast seas and sunshine. As the adventure capital of the world, SA welcomes visitors from all over the world with open arms and a big smile. For those considering a trip here, this is the “Lightning Tour” of the weather, the main cities and a bit of […]

Moving abroad to Portugal: practical planning

Portugal is a stunning, sun-drenched European nation, to which hundreds of thousands of visitors flock annually for the sun, the sea, the lifestyle and the golf … Many of these tourists promise to return one day and take up residence in Portugal and indeed, of all European nations, Portugal is a long-time favorite among expats from all over the world, […]