The form of intelligence is artificial

Curiosity has always eluded man. This has led to many inventions and discoveries. One of the best examples of man’s inventions is the computer. An image automatically comes to mind. They are capable of performing huge calculations, repetitive and boring jobs that took us a long time. Exactly what the computer provides is not the ability to be rigid or […]

Two Secrets to Increase Your Small Business Revenue

If you are a small business owner and want to grow your business quickly, there are two ways to do it without spending additional money on advertising. Keep reading to know more. Many small business owners are not marketing experts. They are entrepreneurs, the people of ideas and the inspiration for everyone else they come into contact with. The standard […]

Aruba: a happy island

When my husband told me he won a package trip for two to Aruba, I didn’t shoot him down with my enthusiasm. To me it was a Caribbean cliché with no real exploration or adventure. Of course, I now understand that he suffered from cold weather dementia brought on by gray skies and sub-zero temperatures. In fact, he got so […]

Travel in South Africa – Visit the Free State

With the World Cup putting the spotlight on South Africa, local tourism is getting the boost it desperately needs. While major centers like Cape Town and Johannesburg are already popular with tourists, it’s the smaller places that are getting much-deserved attention. This is a very diverse country and the diversity is in much more than its people. The Free State […]

Tutoring takes you from flawed to fantastic!

Having a mentor is the solution when you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do next. Have you attended many different high level courses and yet never really optimized the ideas you learned from them? Do you have doubts about your ability to achieve what is most important to you? Wondering if you’ll ever have the right […]

Roses of Sharon

I wrote this poem in honor of all the non-Japanese who kept Japanese-American property safe on Bainbridge Island, WA during the Japanese-American internment of World War II. If such people existed. Most other Americans stole JA property and bought their homes cheaply from the US government. To round the word count of this poetry to 200 words or more, a […]

Five Fabulous Places You Must See in Ocho Rios

What could be more beautiful and relaxing than a vacation in Jamaica? Incredible beaches, fabulous food, and Caribbean weather don’t begin to describe what a visit to this destination has to offer. Whether you want to take part in the myriad of outdoor activities or just relax in the comfort of your Jamaica villa, you’re in for one of the […]