Six Favorite Design Books

Growing up in Los Angeles, I was a bookworm because I was a lonely little girl and I could get lost in the fantasy world of books. My parents encouraged me to read and I read everything I could find. As an adult, I am still a voracious reader, and a speed reader to begin with. There is nothing like […]

Lasers to the rescue to combat wrinkles, age spots and fine lines

The competitive job market has led to an increase in the use of lasers to improve physical appearance. In the past, lasers that were used to minimize wrinkles often had a long recovery period. The redness of the skin often lasted for months. Fractional laser treatments require less post-treatment care and can dramatically improve appearance. Lasers for skin rejuvenation can […]

Some simple steps to cure venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is caused by valves in the blood veins that have burst. These valves prevent blood from running behind the arteries. If its reliability is negotiated, blood can pool and pool. This situation is caused in obese or sedentary people and in the same way caused by hormonal inequality that originates in pregnancy or with the use of chemical […]

International travel tips for women

Men tend to have it easier, especially when traveling. Women face cultural and physical concerns when traveling internationally that men do not have to deal with. So whether you’re a woman traveling for business or pleasure, a few packing tips will help you stay worry-free in a foreign country. Simple packaging, use common sense, and watch out for potential hazards. […]

3 ways to prevent acne from developing after microdermabrasion treatments

Microdermabrasion is one of the most versatile cosmetic treatments ever developed. This skin rejuvenation treatment can correct hyperpigmentation, rough skin, acne scars, and even acne. However, sometimes a funny thing happens with microdermabrasion – you end up with more acne. This pimple disorder doesn’t have to happen. With a little planning, you can select the right microdermabrasion therapy for your […]