Progressive billing and invoice factoring don’t mix

Invoice factoring companies do not require their clients to promise collateral other than their accounts receivable. Because of this, it is critical that the factor feel extremely confident that the customer’s customer will “give them back.” Progress invoices, which are generally present in building relationships, are generally not supported by accounts receivable factoring. First, it is important to understand the […]

Find the location of a snow cone stand

Rent, rent, rent Lord Harold Samuel, a real estate mogul, coined the phrase: “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.” No other factor is as important to the success of your business as the location you choose. Location is not the only consideration. You also need a quality product, a clean booth, and friendly employees. You […]

How Accounting Services Can Help a Small Business

Accounting services are not just for multi-million dollar corporations. From startups to established family businesses, using an accountant to keep track of income, expenses, and taxes can help any business reach its potential. Here are five reasons for any business to consider outsourcing their accounting to a top-tier accounting provider. 1. Release employees A company may not have enough paperwork […]

Partnering with other entrepreneurs: pros and cons

Partnering with another entrepreneur means sharing ownership, responsibility, and trust. Should you find a partner? Is it better to partner with a friend? For some people, it is a “no” because they are afraid of losing their friendship because of money. For others, it is a “why not do business together?” This seems to keep the friendship one step ahead […]

Role and duties of the company secretary during meetings

The Company Secretary makes arrangements for meetings, including AGMs, and maintains formal records of the group’s process and decisions: the minutes of the meeting. This may include keeping records of correspondence. The functions of the Secretary in relation to the meetings of the Board of Directors and Shareholders before the meeting, at the meeting and after the meeting are described […]