Introducing Melissa Altro, The Voice of Muffy in Arthur

What career! For the past 15 years, Melissa Alrto, one of Canada’s leading voice talents, has portrayed Muffy Crosswire on the four-time Emmy Award-winning series Arthur. Recently, Melissa talked to me on the phone about her career, what it means to be Muffy, and his services as a trainer. Oh Muffy Me! An interview with voice actress Melissa Altro Stephanie: […]

The First Selection Of Smart Gamblers Is UFABET Casino

Smart Gamblers Is UFABET Casino If you’re new to online gambling, you might wonder if UFABET is for you. This online casino has a reputation for being one of the best and most reliable gaming resources on the internet. Not only is UFABET easy to use, but it is also available twenty-four hours a day. A bonus that makes UFABET […]

How does the new Playstation 3 compare?

About the new PlayStation 3 gaming system, many serious gamers say: “register me!” With new Blu-Ray technology and up to a 60GB hard drive, this is a gaming system that experts say could last for some time. Others are still on the fence. The original PlayStation system was introduced in the United States in 1995 and was followed by the […]

Marilyn Monroe Fraud Lawsuit Victory: How an American Legend Defends Himself from His Crypt

Marilyn Monroe’s legacy has seen many wins this past week, including one that was set on the calendar for today, May 7, 2007. Today would have been the day the lawsuit filed against defendants Robert W. Otto of Chicago, Mark Roesler of CMG Worldwide, and The Queen Mary Corporation by expert witness and Bellinghaus team plaintiffs, including Mark Bellinghaus, Ernest […]

Why Do We Need Analysis in a Sports Program?

Analysis in a Sports Program Why do we need analysis in a sports program? A good sports science programme will look at the demands of the sport and the athlete’s physical profile to develop a tailored training program for that athlete. This is not the same as a baseball statistical analysis, where the manager has a general idea of which […]

A Complete Guide to Playing Slots

Guide to Playing Slots A complete guide to slot machines will explain how to play slots effectively. It starts with an introduction to the history of slots, then moves on to define the different terms used to describe slot machines. The book ends with a key takeaway and a Test Yourself quiz. It’s written by well-known casino author John Grochowski, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Manga

Manga is the Japanese word for printed comics and cartoons. (Anime, on the other hand, is an animated cartoon for television or film.) Although manga is essentially a cartoon, manga ranks higher in Japanese culture than comics do in American society. Manga is highly respected as an art and as a form of popular literature. In fact, much of the […]

How to Play EA’s NCAA 09 Basketball Game

Even if you’ve played all the other previous installments of the NCAA March Madness series, you should know that the 2008 NCAA 09 Basketball is different from the rest. On the one hand, the focus right now is on team selection and the pace of the game above all else. Here are some tips to help you understand this brand […]