What are some beach-themed decoration wedding ideas?

beach-themed decoration wedding ideas

Embrace the beauty of your beach wedding venue with these fun and fresh decor ideas. From contemporary seashell centrepieces to romantic floral ties, these DIY ideas make it easy for couples to create a beautifully-themed wedding without blowing their budget. The best flowers for a beach-themed wedding include unique tropical blooms like orchids, proteas and hibiscus. These flowers can withstand the dryness and heat of the beach environment and add vibrant colour to any floral arrangement. To add even more coastal flair to your arrangements, consider using hessian or jute twine to tie your bouquets and boutonnieres.

Driftwood is a natural element that looks beautiful at the beach and can be used in a variety of ways for your special day. You can use it to line the aisles, make rustic table runners or hang lanterns from the trees. Driftwood can also be engraved with your last name or initials and tied into your wedding cake for a sweet custom touch.

A beach-themed decoration wedding is the perfect time to experiment with bright and bold colours. Corals, teals and pinks look fantastic against the sandy backdrop, but you can also stick with a more muted palette of blues, grays and greens to give your wedding a sophisticated edge. Embrace the colours of your beach-themed wedding with floral arrangements featuring punchy reds, oranges and pinks. Adding these vibrant hues into your bouquets and other floral accents will give your wedding an eye-catching pop that stands out amongst the sandy backdrop and swaying palms.

What are some beach-themed decoration wedding ideas?

Incorporate pampas grass and other tropical leaves into your floral arrangements for a more organic and natural-looking beach theme. Palm and monstera leaves pair perfectly with many popular wedding flowers including orchids, lilies and birds of paradise. To add a romantic touch, try including flowers with long stems to resemble the shape of driftwood.

Line the aisles with petals, seashells or lanterns for a romantic beach wedding ceremony. You can also replace traditional flower bouquets with ones made of seashells, or mix in starfish and sand dollars for an eclectic mix of coastal accents. You can even ask your guests to write their well wishes on pieces of paper and place them in a decorative message in a bottle as an alternative guest book.

Keep your guests comfortable as the sun sets and the temperatures cool down by offering them a lightweight beach towel or blanket as a favour. You can even add a decorative label and a cute matching sleeve for the low-cost favour idea. Keep your wedding cake in tune with your beach-themed wedding by serving it on a stand that incorporates a shell or a piece of tropical fruit. You can even go all out and create a sugar-coated treat shaped like a flip flop, sailboat or another ocean-inspired design.

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