facebook obsession

Are you obsessed with Facebook? I have clients who wonder if they are. Certain people definitely are, which makes me wonder how we survived the days when Facebook wasn’t yet on everyone’s daily agenda. Let’s take a look at the Facebook obsession and its advantages and disadvantages. Are you obsessed with Facebook? There are a couple of good indications that […]

Featured Snippets, A Complete Guide to Google

Once again, Google is ready with its full explanations of featured snippets. Sometimes when users perform a search, they will find that there is a descriptive box at the top of the Google results that explains the search. This box is a “featured snippet.” Hopefully, in this post, you’ll get full details on Featured Snippets (Rich Answers) and also a […]

South Padre Island Texas

South Padre Island, Texas is a small beach resort town in far eastern Cameron County in the Rio Grande Valley. Located in the tropical tip of Texas, it is located between Laguna Madre Bay and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. The tropical temperature and the availability of endless opportunities make the city a destination for the whole year. The city […]

cancer for dinner

Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler explains in the conquest of cancer that the potential for chickens to have cancer is almost 100%. This isn’t exactly a good bet the next time you’re nibbling on a fried chicken wing. Do the animals you eat have cancer? Would you still eat them if you found out how sick they were when they were slaughtered? […]

South Africa – The Jewel of Africa

No other country has been more central to the shifting tides of modern history than South Africa since apartheid ended in the early 1990s. It now seems incredible that such a thing existed not long ago, although it is true that it has not been a path of roses since the formation of the new republic of South Africa, it […]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tidbits

Those who live in the Miami area may, worried that they will be shunned by restaurants and country clubs, claim to be Dolphins fans, farm fins and live underwater in their spare time. But Miami, like any other city in a state with multiple football teams, probably has its fair share of Tampa Bay fans. Perhaps these people once lived […]