Common Reasons for Low Sperm Volume and Some Simple Solutions

Many men wonder how I can increase the volume of sperm. Simply put, sometimes the amount that comes out when you ejaculate can be quite daunting. Sometimes almost nothing comes out! This should not be a cause for undue concern, although it would be good to try to find out more about its possible causes and solutions.

Actually, there are several and many factors that can affect sperm count, and most of them are easily corrected through proper means. Some of them may require more effort to correct. Here, we will lay out the various reasons and try to understand them to better determine how to deal with low sperm count or amount of ejaculation.

Some common causes include sitting for long hours (take note!), Tight underwear, hot baths, obesity, smoking and heavy drinking, constant ejaculation, and just plain stress, in general. More rarely it is a low amount of ejaculation due to actual malformations in the genitals or infections in the prostate.

Now knowing these causes can help as you now know what to avoid, if possible. For example, reduce the pressure on your testicles by buying underwear that is snug but not tight. Try walking and taking breaks from long periods of time sitting, whether it’s on a couch or in an office chair or in front of a computer. Short breaks to walk or drink water are easy ways to relieve the pressure caused by sitting all day.

Obesity presses the testicles through the layers of fat that can end up surrounding the genitals. This can also cause genital temperatures to rise, which is not a good thing. In fact, the testicles are placed outside the body, hanging from the scrotum, to cool it down from the body temperature of 98.6 degrees. These layers of fat can, in effect, draw the testicles back into body heat, which can result in low sperm counts in the long term. This is also the reason why taking hot baths can also decrease ejaculation and sperm levels. Think of this as another reason to try to get in shape!

The other reasons are also easy to understand. Constant ejaculation will deplete your body’s reserves and stress will affect its function. Take a break every now and then and relax, and your performance will improve in a couple of days.

But if none of these common reasons are getting to you and you’re still experiencing these symptoms, it would be time to see your doctor. Don’t be afraid to have your prostate and genitals checked, as delaying it could lead to worsening or even infertility.

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