Ball Python Care – Top 10 Questions and Answers

Every week, I receive dozens of questions about snake care through the Reptile Knowledge website. Many of these people ask the same questions. So I thought it would be helpful to compile some of these frequently asked questions into a series of articles and then post them on the internet. This is the first article in that series and it […]

Real Estate – Investment Opportunities in Goa

Goa, ‘the quintessential holiday destination’, is emerging as the preeminent investment destination in India in recent times. More than local investors, it is foreign buyers who invest heavily in real estate in Goa, says Andrews, a source of Goa brokers. The return on investment in Goa in the long term is considered very good. Stamp duty and other property taxes […]

The Racist Strike – The Albert Pujols, Stan Musial and Jackie Robinson Contract

In honor of last year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game in St. Louis, Missouri, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, I thought to tell the story of one of the most famous contracts of all time, the signing of Jackie Robinson for the St. Louis Cardinals. Brooklyn Dodgers to break through baseball’s color barrier, and the planned Cardinal players’ strike […]

Why do elections have consequences ?: 7 examples

How often have we heard someone say, it doesn’t matter who they vote for, or who we elect to public office, because they’re all the same anyway? Although, there have been many cases of elected officials, who did not honor their bond, which was supposed to be, to serve and represent their constituents, rather than their personal / political agenda, […]

Where to Find Money for Startup Nonprofits

A few days ago I read a post about a small nonprofit community organization looking for advice on how to get funding. Starting a nonprofit is difficult, and figuring out where to find the money to run it can be challenging. New charities rarely have the ability to prove they have the place to become a sustainable organization rather than […]

7 things to consider when buying granite

If you’ve decided to update your home floors / work surfaces with granite, you’ve likely already learned about color options, movement, and durability. But how can you tell if you are getting good quality granite? After all, you are making a large investment in your home, and you want to make sure you get exactly what you expect. As you […]

Maintenance for Jeep Willys brake parts

The most important characteristic of any vehicle is not how fast it goes, but how fast it stops. When you drive your Jeep, you never know when you will have to stop suddenly, especially if you are driving off-road, so you want to keep your Willys Jeep brake parts in tip top condition. What brake fluid? Willys owners generally use […]

Twitter tag

You must have heard of it by now! It is a social media tool where you chat about whatever you want, you can be sociable or tweet about specialties, depending totally on what you want to chat about. You are limited to 140 characters, so you must choose your chats or ‘tweets’ carefully to express your point of view. I […]