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Top 10 Adventures for Solo Travelers

Traveling is spiritually rewarding and always educational; however, choosing where to travel and what to do is often frustrating and time-consuming. When you are traveling alone, this task can be more difficult or easier than if you are traveling with other people. When you travel with other people, there are suggestions and wishes that you may or may like. When traveling alone, all the decisions are yours and this can lead to a relaxing trip. Here’s a list of the top ten solo adventures to help you choose the right vacation.


Regardless of where you grew up, you may have heard at least a few stories about Europe, and whether it’s true or not, they would have stimulated your imagination. In reality, Europe has an incredible and intricate infrastructure, which makes traveling around this great continent so much easier. The countries, which are located next to each other, are very individual places, with a rich history and culture to explore. Europe has so much to offer that this list would not do it justice if it did not cover some of the essential elements.


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and there are many excellent museums and cultural places to visit here. Some of the main attractions in this city are the canals, the Van Gough Museum and you can even visit the Ann Frank house. Regardless of what you’re looking to experience, you can find it with an Amsterdam vacation.


Some may think that Athens is a place for those who enjoy visiting historical places like ancient monuments mentioned by many history books. It’s also a must-see destination regardless of your age or interest in history. No matter how old you are or what you like best, Athens is a place that can leave you inspired and in awe of its ancient greatness.


Ibiza is located in the Balearic Islands and is well known for its nightlife. If you are looking for a vacation spot that is known for its parties, this is the place for you.


Paris is not to be missed! It can be expensive for a solo traveler, and some may find it a bit depressing due to its reputation as a city for lovers. Actually though it is the city of love, passion and romance. If there is any place to fall in love, it would be Paris. Other attractions in the city of Paris are the impressive iconic monuments and architecture, try some of the best fashions in the world and the great food that the city is famous for around the world or you can visit the Louvre.

New York

The Big Apple is considered the city that never sleeps. Everyone has heard of these names, seen the “I love NY” t-shirts and everyone should go there at least once. If you are traveling solo, this is a great destination because of the clubs, great food, a great atmosphere, and a place where everything and everyone is always on the go.


The weather is hot and humid, the food is exotic, and the locals are very friendly. A Thailand vacation is very reasonably priced and the beaches are beautiful with clear oceans, small islands to explore, and millions of people looking for an adventure too.

South Africa

Africa has some of the most majestic and surreal landscapes one can imagine, it has a culture that is not seen anywhere else and people that are warmer and more welcoming than can be found anywhere else. Perhaps the best place to start experiencing all of this is South Africa. South Africa has the infrastructure of many first world countries, which makes traveling somewhat easier. It has some of the most valued beaches in the world, as well as spectacular scenery in places like Table Mountain and the Kruger National Park.


More specifically, the Ngoro Ngoro crater conservation area, the essence of Africa! During the migration season from July to October, the wildlife spectacle is indescribable and provides an experience that you can remember for many years to come.


Brazil shines if you are a great dancer, as the nightlife is full of salsa, mamba and rumba. If you are not a great dancer, this is the best place for some cheap dance lessons! Brazil is an exciting and sensual place, but be on your guard at all times, as you would when traveling to any new place.

There are many great places to travel on a solo vacation, but it mostly comes down to what you are looking to experience. Many excellent options range from the big cities to the secluded beaches of the Caribbean. If you are looking to travel for the cultural experience or the nightlife, you should consider visiting these places.

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