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Sex kills love

We want to believe that by having sex we are “making love” and many people speak of “making love” to describe their encounters or sexual acts.

Love is the element that makes the world go round and it literally does; not sex. The energy of love is the component that makes everything live to exist and without it we cannot and will not exist. Since we now know from previous research and articles that “sex is not love,” sex actually kills the love that is supposed to be over: the love we should experience towards special people in our lives, towards the living entities in our life. lives and towards our “neighbors”.

Sex especially kills the potential growth of love in a man, because a man can only grow love and get in touch with his feelings when sex stays away from him, stays out of the relationship for the right period of time As the couple get to know each other, they are busy interacting to become compatible with each other, to understand each other, to grow love to full capacity, and to be tolerant of each other. All of these things take time and when we go against nature and creation, things just don’t work anymore. We weren’t created to have sex first, then fall in love, and finally get married. It just doesn’t work that way as it’s the other way around.

If we want to have a platonic relationship-bond with another in a supposedly special relationship, such as a life partner or a marriage, we can have sex with anyone we choose, just as men thought could be done for centuries, even millennia . On the other hand, we want the bond between life partners to be meaningful and deep, the only way to achieve this would be to grow love and not the sexual experience, pleasure or falling in love. In other words, the focus should be on love and not on sex!

When we men and women have sex, the focus is on what sex provides us and not on how we really feel. A woman might believe that she met her true love, when in reality she only made an emotional connection due to sex, trapping her in something she shouldn’t even be a part of. A man on the other hand, never reaches that level of love, being unable to connect with his true feelings when sex is part of the relationship, since there is no need to reach that level of love, since what he was is supposed to get as a reward for getting in touch with her true feelings and experiencing true deep love, she got it at first.

There are always exceptions; where people fall deeply in love in a very short time and whose love lasts a lifetime, but generally they are superiorly secure and complete people, capable of developing their love at great speed. The rest of us fairly normal people need time to properly and completely fall in love, not to mention, to get to know a potential life partner fully, inside and out.

There are people who get married through an arranged marriage and there are people who choose to marry before getting to know the other party well or even before having feelings for the other party. This could only work if both parties are completely safe and know inside, they are capable of loving anyone who treats them with dignity and respect, who behaves well and who contributes a lot to polluting. In this way souls are united first through vows; and the unifications in the spirit world are strong enough to withstand any challenge and obstacle. The moral of the story here again is love. Only when two people are secure, which means “already full of love” to contribute love to the relationship, could an arranged marriage be successful and in most cases it does. The reason for this is that parents are so involved in their children’s lives, giving them the security and love that the child could marry anyone the parents have chosen and make it a success. Parents choose logically and not as a result of misinterpreted emotional feelings and actions, something that happens to people all over the world when it comes to sex.

People have such a longing to be insured somewhere and since most people mistake sex for love, they have sex with the wrong people and then force marriage or a life partner when they were not supposed to. it had to happen.

When sex enters a relationship, it stops the development of love, since sex is the reward of an established and safe relationship and not the beginning of the creation of a relationship. Sex can never be used as the basis for a safe relationship, yet many try and even after realizing the mistake, they still try to force it to be so. Sex is the declaration and the visible act, which proves to belong to another, to another soul, not in legal or theoretical terms, but through action. The problem here is that many millions of people do not support love and the development of love, but rather sex which would ultimately result in the destruction of experiencing true love.

We are in a trap of socially acceptable sex, approved drugs, artificial consumables (food and drink), synthetic clothing, misinterpreted beliefs and religions, and false relationships, but sex is the act that removes the most important experience of all: experience. of love. Once love ceases to exist, there will no longer be a need for physical existence or life.

Beware: sex really kills love!

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