A letter to my stepdaughter

Dear beautiful child, I want you to know that I did not always think it would turn out well, you, me and your father. I didn’t always trust and have faith that I could be the person that you and he needed me to be. There were days when I failed miserably. There were times when I was resentful and […]

Hate Valentine’s Day? Three tips to survive

February is a cold and unforgiving month. Surrounded for another year by cheesy slogans and cheesy commercials, my ex could have been right. Valentine’s Day could be a conspiracy between card companies, florists, and chocolate makers. Isn’t it a bit silly to assign love to a month … a day? What … are you supposed to treat someone casually for […]

Vegetable juice recipes for weight loss

There are endless different diets and weight loss methods that we can choose from these days. Some have been shown to work and others not. Some are natural, while others are very synthetic and should be avoided. One or the other of them may work better for us than others. However, low calorie or other restrictive diets can leave us […]

We live in a disposable society

When was the last time you fixed something that was broken? If your cell phone breaks, do you even think about repairing it? If a sock has a hole in it, you fix it, throw it away, or in my case … turn it into a rag! If a part breaks in your food processor, do you order that part […]

Academic success begins at home

How many times have we blamed the educational system for not providing a quality education to our children? We often find something negative in the school system to complain about when it comes to the education of our children. We complain about how teachers are not challenging children enough, the school is using old books to educate our children, our […]

Boat cleaning chores for your kids to help

Owning a boat should be a family affair. After all, you most likely spend a lot of family time in your favorite body of water, so it is important that you involve your children in all aspects of your family’s boating experience. That is why you should have your children help you with cleaning your boat. In this way they […]

Materials to consider when choosing a chess set

There are various materials that are used in the production of chess sets. While it is true that wood and metal are the undisputed champions in popularity of chess sets, there are still several materials that give chess pieces a unique look. Materials that have been proven time and again to provide some of the best manifestations, from blocks of […]

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

Perhaps your partner is abroad in the military. You may have had a recent divorce. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself alone this Valentine’s Day. Does this mean that you should sit at home feeling sorry for yourself? I do not think so. Here are some ideas for the lonely this year. 1. Get yourself out. Who says you […]