BodHD – What is it?

BodHD was established in Vista, California in March 2011 and is listed as a multi-level marketing company whose mission is to provide a package of health and wellness products that is reported to have a very high essential delivery system that is expected to maximize the absorption of the vitamins, nutrients and essentials contained in its products. Let’s review the […]

Cuban Pork Roast Menu Ideas for Your Backyard Party

Who can say no to a crispy, tender, savory and delicious Cuban pork roast? If you’re planning a backyard party this weekend, a perfectly roasted pig will make the event truly memorable. But do you know what will make the matter even more spectacular? A nice menu that will complement the star of the buffet! If you’re in the dark […]

Is the Internet Lifestyle Really for You?

Many people have gone before you and seen great results with creating an online business as a home business. Time is probably the biggest cost to getting started, making this a low-risk endeavor for many. This makes it an equal opportunity that almost anyone can do. Without motivation you will fail Even if this all sounds fabulous, there is certainly […]

7 reasons to root your Android phone

Android is a very versatile, customizable and open operating system. You may think that rooting is not for you, but it can actually help you to a great extent. With so little work, much can be accomplished. You may have heard bad things about rooting, but in some cases, you may want to consider using it, especially if it’s done […]

A lavish wedding party

And it is that the two things that your guests will remember from your wedding are the wedding dress and the food. There are many different types of wedding menus to choose from, but when you really want your dinner to make an impression, think about serving dishes that are rich and elegant. Read on for ideas on how to […]

Low Doc Home Loans Pros and Cons

Home Loans Pros One of the low doc home loans pros and cons is the higher deposit amount. Generally, borrowers need a 20% deposit to secure a loan. However, some lenders may waive this requirement if the applicant can provide other documents. Most lenders require an accountant’s letter or a bank statement to verify income. You may need to provide […]

The Ultimate Guide To Macallan Private Eye

Guide To Macallan Private Eye The Macallan Private Eye was launched in 1996 as a limited edition of 5000 bottles. It was sold at Fortnum & Mason in London, but only a few bottles have been produced since then. The first vintage sold for PS36 and has since been surpassed in auctions by more than 700 bottles. But what’s it […]

How a channel conflict with partners can be resolved to improve ROI

Conflict is a common ingredient between companies and their channel partners. A web search for “Channel Conflict” turns up many articles, most of which are generally related to pricing issues with or between channel partners. However, channel conflicts can occur over a much broader spectrum in the channel and many manufacturers are not even aware of the conflicts. The consequences […]

Alphabet/Google become AI-centric to secure foothold and dominate digital user experience

High-tech corporations have invested heavily in technologies that produce large amounts of revenue, and with technological advances accelerating, these corporations must invest even more to protect their rich revenue streams. A good example of a company moving ever further into the future is Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Search engine and advertising are the cornerstones of Google’s revenue and […]