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Music Industry Sharks: How To Uncover The Many Unscrupulous In The Music Business

There are plenty of people who claim to be music marketing experts, music advertising experts, and social media experts. Yes, literally thousands and thousands. When it comes to marketing and advertising your music, you have a wide variety of good options. RIGHT? Wrong, tons of options, yes, but how many of them are really worth it? Not many!

For whatever reason, unscrupulous “music lovers” take advantage of musicians; I don’t know why, maybe they think they are easy to play. Maybe they don’t like musicians, or worse, they don’t like music. (WOW) Many of these people are or were musicians, or maybe an intern somewhere in the music business, or they actually love music. They believe that this entitles them to proclaim themselves experts in music marketing, or worse yet, music publicists, which requires many years of experience in the music industry and the accumulation of thousands of contacts in the music media and, furthermore, to advertise the best product. or possible service. that will accelerate your music career.

Well this is what I have to say about it: I’ve been a musician myself, although a long time ago, back then, there were still a lot of scammers out of the music industry. I have experienced the deep pain of being screwed by unscrupulous people who claim to be my savior in the music business. The internet and the leveling of the independent music playing field have opened up a host of opportunities for these sharks and scammers to work on their game. The only way my band succeeded was by sheer luck: we found the right honest people.

Here’s a checklist that you should seriously consider when choosing your best advertiser or marketing service:

Check your credentials and follow this checklist

They have a laudable Online presence?

Do they have hundreds of testimonials? However, as I like to call them TRUSTIMONIALS – Check your references!

How many “HONEST” years of experience do they have? Watch! F and this

Have you written hundreds of articles on music marketing?

Do they belong to many high profile music industry organizations?

Does the prospective marketer or advertiser answer all of your questions?

Or do they subtly evade them?

Will they tell you with whom and where they will promote your music?

I mean, their affiliations with the music media, or do they tell you to wait and see?

Have you seen verified samples of your work?

Will they give you what they promise in writing?

Before making a decision, consider:


Besides doing great work that really helps you with your career, these are probably the three most important elements to consider.

If any or all of the above credential checks are not in the positive category —


Being lucky enough to discover the right people for our project back then, I am not saying that it is impossible to do so. I’m just saying it’s incredibly important, especially these days, to do your homework and due diligence before shelling out your hard-earned money. Most freelance musicians are on a budget and every penny means something to them. Take the time to possibly consult with a reputable music industry consultant. Most will be able to recognize a scam when they see it.

So to all of you unscrupulous sharks who are waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting musician, sorry for writing this article, but you must be exposed. Therefore, I am not very sorry. It’s people like you who give the music business, honest advertisers, and music sellers a bad name. You should be ashamed of yourself! I love my Indias and all the musicians and artists and it pains me that they take advantage of them. Try another niche, perhaps people who need marketing help selling rockets or industrial products and services. OBJECTIVE – Leave our musical niche alone !!

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