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Marathon: basic information for running a marathon

Running is fast becoming one of the most preferred exercise methods. However, it’s actually not as simple as putting on a pair of sneakers and going for a jog (although you certainly can). There are many different levels of running, from the aforementioned casual jog to possibly the most demanding, a marathon.

Marathons began in ancient times, when a herald from the city-state of Athens ran 26.3 miles to convey a message that enemy forces were invading Marathon. To commemorate this physical achievement, people around the world embraced the marathon race. Today there are hundreds of formal marathons running around the world and many of them are quite prestigious sporting events.

The New York City Marathon in particular is host to thousands of runners from around the world, many of them celebrities and world-class athletes. Almost all the big cities in the world (and many small ones too) have their own marathons.

These are always great events with an audience of thousands of people.

Marathons are not for casual runners. The actual physical requirements of the body are strenuous and life threatening. Every year, runners die from these events and others like them. It is standard practice in these races for people to be examined by a medical professional to verify that they are, in fact, healthy enough to compete.

For those who find the idea of ​​a full marathon a bit daunting, there are half marathons and 5K races. While it is a good idea to be in proper shape, these events are less demanding and can be a good starting point to prepare for the full marathon.

Whether you decide to compete, participate, or cheer on the runners, remember that these events usually last more than several hours and outdoors. Sunscreen and the right clothing are important, as is having plenty of water. If you or someone you know begins to feel ill, there are always medical tents along the tour.

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