Interview with a woman about why she likes a big penis

Those exposed to Western culture have been conditioned to believe in a “bigger is better” mentality about everything from cars to houses to restaurant portions. This way of thinking extends to penis size as well. Large men are more likely to have slightly larger penises, although contrary to popular belief, there is no correlation between the size of a man’s nose or feet and the size of his organ.

Does it really make a difference when you’re having sex? For Samantha X, it matters a lot. “Of course it matters, I’ve had some huge members in my time, and I really enjoyed them! I find that the bigger the penis, the greater the sensation.” In fact, a woman who doesn’t prefer a larger-than-average penis is more of an exception than the norm. While men’s penises come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, a study by the Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sexual Research has shown that the average penis size is 5 to 7 inches. Size doesn’t matter _up to a point_ in giving a woman a physical feel. “I once slept with a guy who had a heel for a dick and couldn’t feel a thing. I ended up going to the bathroom and satisfying myself, a situation I wouldn’t mind repeating.”

The bottom line is that most women don’t like very small penises, no matter what you do with them. A small, thin penis is not very rewarding in itself and many women complain that they ‘can’t feel a thing’, especially if their vagina has been previously dilated from having children. That doesn’t necessarily mean men with length issues can’t make good lovers, but penis size alone probably won’t.

Research has confirmed that what most women want is a larger-than-average penis, but what really matters is width rather than length. They say the ideal penis is one that is thick enough to stretch a woman’s vaginal opening and can be felt inside her body every time they have sex. “I’d rather sleep with a guy who has a thick member than someone with a skinny, hooked dick that hits my cervix every time he penetrates me.”

Similarly, the majority of the 200 women interviewed representing all ages (18+), sizes, ethnicities, and sexual habits opted for girth (or girth) over length, as they said they enjoyed the sensation of a penis. thick brushing her vaginal walls. instead of having an unusually long penis sticking out inside.

When it comes to racial preferences, Samantha had this to say: “I’ve noticed that African Americans are really well endowed compared to other nationalities. They also seem to be a lot more confident in bed knowing they have the right size package.” One’s ethnic group produces significant anatomical differences among men. For example, black men are indeed larger than Caucasian men, but only half an inch or so, on average, while Asian men are about half an inch shorter on average.

All this information just goes to show that women are excited and satisfied with a big, thick and powerful penis, not to mention that they are also visually stimulating. Women like Samantha know how to appreciate well-hung men, or even ones they just think they are, as they tend to be much more sexually confident in their sexual abilities.

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