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How to keep a guy interested after a one night stand! Follow this if you don’t know what to do

Then it happened. The guy was just irresistible and they ended up in bed together. You totally like it, but are afraid that after what happened, it will just disappear from your life completely. Don’t worry, girl, it’s not the end of the world. Here are some things you can do:

Don’t be desperate or clingy.

In this day and age, going to bed together is not the same as a commitment. It’s something they both wanted to do and ended up doing. Desperately holding on to the boy and frantically trying to have and hold him will not help. It also won’t help to try to make him “responsible” for something you both did and perhaps enjoyed. Just enjoy what you had and let him be the one to chase you.

Don’t chase.

In the same way, harassing him with phone calls, emails, and text messages will not get him interested. If anything, it will probably push him away. Sure, a “hello” will do, but chasing after it will only make you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Don’t beat yourself up for it.

Never make the mistake of falling into bouts of depression because you slept with someone you like. If you feel deep down that you regret it, then of course cry. But don’t wallow in self-pity or avoid the world for long. Pick up the pieces and try to make him see a strong woman in you.

Keep your composure.

Stand up and live your life. Do the things you normally do. Work, achieve and have confidence in yourself. Get out there and have fun. Pamper yourself Once you see that you are not affected by what happened, you will surely be intrigued.

Stay beautiful.

Pay special attention to your appearance. Getting some exercise not only helps you look good, it also helps you feel good. Smells good at all times. Never get caught looking like a bum. He exudes an aura of self-confidence.

Be good company.

Don’t think that just because you like the guy you dated, he’s the center of your world. Keep your circle of friends and let it grow. Be nice to be with them, be fun, have fun. Be interested, be interesting.

Slow down next time.

Listed above are the things that would make the guy realize not to turn his back on you. If you trust your own skin and bring out the confident woman in you, you will keep her interested. And the next time the two of you go out again, it would be a good idea to slow things down.

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