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How do I pair a Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Ford Sync system?

One of the most popular phones this holiday season is the Samsung Galaxy S3 and many users will need a quick tip on how to “pair” a Samsung with a Ford Sync system.

First, go to the application menu of your phone.

Tap the Settings folder

If it’s not already on, tap the Bluetooth box to turn it on.

Start your Ford vehicle, go to the phone menu.

In the basic synchronization system, use the “Search” arrows to go to the System Settings folder. Then go to Bluetooth Devices, press OK, then use the arrows to find Add a Device, then press OK.

Press the OK button to start “pairing” and your Sync system will create a 6-digit PIN. If you can, use the search arrows on the steering wheel to toggle the display until it says “Special PIN.” Press OK and select / create a number such as 0000 or 1234.

On the MyFord Touch system, at the bottom left of the phone page is the “Settings” button. Select that and, on the next screen, hit the bar that says “Bluetooth Devices.” On the next screen will be the list of your connected Bluetooth devices. Tap “Add Device” to add a new one. The system will say “Search for sync on your device and enter the PIN provided”. Samsung phones prefer a 4-digit PIN, so you can use the touch screen to “create” the PIN of “0000” or “1234”.

Go to your phone and select “Search for Bluetooth devices.”

In a moment, it will “search” and automatically connect to Sync, or another screen may appear with a place to enter the PIN number. Enter the PIN number and press “Pair” on your phone.

This confirms the pairing process.

In a moment Sync should come back with a few more questions. Like “Make main phone?” “Activate 911 Assist?” Press the OK button on your sync system to approve the questions. Use the search buttons to toggle “Yes” to “No”, if desired.

When you press OK to start “Download Phonebook”, your phone will beep.

If a submenu appears, tap the box to “Always connect” the sync connection.

If no box appears, “pull down” the menu at the top of the phone screen. It is called a PBAP screen. Once again, tap the box to “Always connect” the sync system.

For most Sync systems, press the voice button and say “Bluetooth Audio” to access the music files on your Samsung. It may take up to 30 seconds for the system to start playing music on the phone. If not, go to your phone’s application menu and tap on your music player icon. Or tap an app icon like Pandora. Your Pandora application will start streaming music through your control panel.

Here is a video from Samsung and Sync. (A special thanks to the folks at Phones4U, and you’ll like the English accent!).

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