How and why I keep my husband in chastity

The idea of ​​keeping her husband in strict, uncompromising chastity and not letting him have an orgasm, sometimes permanently and forever – is strange to most women, and most will immediately dismiss it, thinking that she is somehow abdicating her womanhood so as not to give her man “what he wants”.

But I think it’s important to understand chastity it’s not the same as celibacyat least not in the context of male chastity.

In a celibate marriage, sexual contact is non-existent.

While this is certainly consensual in some marriages, it is rare. Usually it’s because one of the partners (usually the woman, I’m afraid) has said “no more sex” or is simply behaving in a way that prevents it.

That is why the idea that male chastity will fix a broken marriage is nonsense.

The practice is meant to improve and enhance your sex life.

if you’re in a single marriage, then your sex life has been murdered to death, and you need to fix it prior to you start trying to introduce twist.

If you don’t then what you will be saying in effect, it is “I want to have more and better sex and a more intimate and fulfilling relationship with you.”

But what will she be audience is “I just gave you a great excuse to avoid having sex with me even more than you are right now.”

This will not end well, I assure you.

but in a chaste marriage, where male chastity is practiced, there is usually plus sexual contact and raised physical and emotional intimacy: the qualifier is that the man rarely reaches orgasm.

This is a good description of my marriage to John.

And although some women may be surprised by this, the fact is that it is like that because that’s how he asked me.

And yes, at first I was surprised and a little skeptical.

But since I love him and want to please him, I tried.

And… Oh my gosh, I’m glad I did!

Because male chastity in general and orgasm denial in particular has been the best thing I’ve ever done, aside from marrying him.


Because the quality, frequency, and duration of our lovemaking has increased dramatically. Almost any relationship tends to cool down after a while and sex becomes routine and even boring. Male chastity and orgasm denial sparked him back, simply because he’s always turned on and can’t get the idea of ​​making love to you out of his head.

In other words, it’s like you’re at the start of a new relationship where everything is fresh, new, and exciting.

So that’s the why of that

How do I do it?

Well, there are two parts to this.

First, John is locked, by his own consent, in a stainless steel chastity device.

It’s not 100% secure (no device is), but it’s an effective discovery. It stops any “accidents” when we are making love and also means that masturbating (which would be cheating!) is very difficult.

You could still have an orgasm with the device on if you put your mind to it, but it would be painful and counterproductive to the game you want me to play with it.

And second, it is everyone made with the agreement, consent and cooperation of John.

Despite what you read on the net in blogs and forums, a man can not being forced into chastity against his will.

It is physically and legally impossible.

That is just a fantasy and you had better see it for the fiction and lie that it is.

Furthermore, it is also physically impossible to create a chastity device that a man cannot escape from.

No matter how robust and well designed a device is, an engineering shop could remove it.

But that would be going to the extreme, and chances are that any device you can make or buy yourself, whether off-the-shelf or custom-made, will quickly fall for a decent hacksaw.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of wannabe fantasists and their downright silly and unrealistic crap about male chastity, orgasm denial, and female-led relationships.

My advice?

Hear what couples have been living the 24/7 lifestyle for over a decade I have to say.

It makes sense to listen to people who practice what they preach, don’t you think?

Do you want to know more?

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