Heavy Duty Plastic Shelving for All Your Storage Needs

Heavy Duty Plastic Shelving

Whether you need a temporary storage unit to store inventory or you’re looking for an industrial strength, heavy duty plastic shelving for your factory, choose from polystyrene, polycarbonate, or steel. Choose between heavy duty plastic shelving units and galvanized steel, rivet style shelving. Polystyrene is best for indoor uses because it’s chemical resistant and is ideal for wet conditions since a heavy duty plastic shelf will not rot like a metal shelf.

For heavy duty plastic shelving needs in the workshop or factory, polystyrene is also great for its anti-corrosive properties and fire retardant properties. There are many color choices available. Some polystyrene materials are clear, while others are plexiglass with fluorescent lighting and locking mechanisms. There are solid dividers and shelves or open shelves that have locking features. Shop for heavy duty plastic shelves that come in sections, some with adjustable components. If you have lots of tools and parts and several sections, this makes it easy to work with and store.


The plywood shelf is a popular choice among industrial users because it is available in many colors and has good dimensional stability. The plywood systems are pre-bonded with resin and offer high resistance to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and chemicals. Polywood is also an excellent choice for storing flammable liquids because it won’t melt into the air. Heavy duty plastic shelves in your warehouse may be made of plywood, but make sure they are specifically engineered for use with flammables.

Heavy Duty Plastic Shelving for All Your Storage Needs

Many industrial users prefer stainless steel for heavy duty shelves, but there are specialty varieties of heavy duty wire shelving. They can hold larger volumes of goods and can be installed on almost any flat surface. You can install these stainless steel wire shelving units on top of floor racks, inside cabinets, or as free-standing units. The stainless steel wire shelving is made from galvanized steel and has a smooth, non-marring surface. Make sure the wire has a minimum thickness of three inches and there is a minimum clearance of six inches between shelves. When you are measuring for your custom shelve unit, consider using a level and not a plain wall.

Heavy duty plastic shelves units are manufactured by companies such as Cabinet Giant, Cast IronMaster, Corning Inc., Fastech Co., IKEA USA, J.C. Bass, Kenmore, Kohler, Mastercraft Inc., and Viking Manufacturing Co. These companies all manufacture different types of heavy duty steel shelving systems, including wire, dowel rack, and cable shelves. The wire shelving and cable shelving can also be customized with locking features and key control systems.

If you need to store heavy duty shelving for your business or commercial warehouse needs, consider heavy duty plastic shelving units. These are designed to meet the needs of every day retail and storage needs, including retail dollar stores, warehouses, convenience stores, super centers, hospitals, banks, offices, government agencies, and schools. There are wire and cable shelves available in a variety of sizes and colors that are manufactured using high quality galvanized steel. Because these are customizable, you can have a layout and color scheme that suits your company’s image and storage needs. You can find these shelves online at various websites that sell home and office building supplies.

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