Hades Moon – Part 1 and 2

Part One

The Judy Hall Book moon hades it is an important, powerful and validating book for me. I keep lending my copy to grateful friends who then keep it, and I am without a copy again. She defines a Moon of Hades as being in aspect with Pluto, a Moon of Scorpio and possibly (I consider it), a Moon in the eighth house. Even with an 8 degree out-of-sign conjunction of my Moon to Pluto, this aspect has been huge in my life. This blog series is dedicated to all men and women with the courage to allow their feminine aspect to visit, embrace and transmute the dark shadows of Hades into Truth and Love.

For many years, I have immersed myself in the metaphysical and spiritual study of the importance of the female connection to the dark shadow during this time of transition, which is why I was struck by the importance of Eris and Ceres joining Pluto as planets. in years. Eris is new to me, but I have identified with Ceres and used it in my reading for over a decade. All three dwarf planets are intense. Eris is the Greek goddess of strife, war, discord, and suggestive creation through chaos. Pluto is the liberation or letting go of anything that prevents the process of death and rebirth. And Ceres experiences a quintessential Hades Moon experience when she must leave her child in the hands of her nemesis Pluto for 6 months out of the year in the underworld. There is no option for revenge, and his rage turns to deep pain when the lands he rules “die” in the winter season of Persephone’s absence. There is nothing she can do. Kidnapping is not negotiable.

Kelly Lee Phipps points out in a recent “Ceres and the Urge to Belong” article that wherever Ceres lands on your chart, it’s the subject of giving up the loss and coming back. Eris asks us to be with the chaos. Pluto asks us to immerse ourselves in fire, enter Hades and not be afraid of the dark nights of the soul. It is about transmutation at the highest level.


The second part

Judy Hall has a chapter in her book called “The Karmic Moon”. She begins with “No matter what it looks like, the Moon of Hades shows us some of the most deeply ingrained karmic problems that we have carried from incarnation to incarnation for a vast period of time.”

This involves the reality of reincarnation, which I can personally resonate with and use extensively in my clients’ readings. However, the idea of ​​reincarnation can also be a good way to explain something beyond our actual literal understanding in this very limited three-dimensional reality. No matter. The framework is valid and correlates with prenatal and early life experience as well. Karma can be defined as a neutral universal principle that essentially has to do with cause and effect.

Metaphorically, Pluto can be seen as the “evolutionary” intention of the soul, as inherited from past incarnations. Pluto is also closely linked to genetics and we know that the information we inherit in our DNA goes far beyond physical characteristics. We inherit the lineages of our ancestors on the spiritual, geographical and psychological levels. We continue the work that is not entirely ours. They are very mysterious things!

My father has a Moon in Scorpio, with a close Pluto / Sun conjunction in Cancer, and my mother has a Moon in Pisces trine with a close Pluto / Venus conjunction in Cancer. No wonder I was born with a Hades moon and at least two of my four siblings as well. My ex-husband and father of my two daughters has no Moon / Pluto connection, and neither do my daughters. My son, however, was born under the canopy of a nearby stellium with Chiron / Pluto / Moon (Sagittarius in the 7th house) and his father has a Moon / Pluto square.

The strong connection to the past may be intended to clear both personal and collective karma. Pluto is transmuted and the Moon is not just motherhood and emotions, but our lineage. It is also the past. And with Pluto, evil (or the darker side if you like) is never far away, whether operating from within or without.

A strange example of a past lineage connection is the “story” of my son Damien. Her father wasn’t interested in getting involved (we had split up before I realized she was pregnant) and that was fine with me. The relatively short-lived relationship was a lustful nightmare. He changed his mind when his mother’s guru and self-proclaimed incarnate teacher identifier saw Damian as Chogyam Trungpa. The Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche is an important master of the Kagyu Buddhist lineage who barely escaped the Chinese invasion of Tibet, fleeing first to India at the age of 20, then moving to Scotland, England and finally to the United States, landing in Boulder. where I live. He established not only several meditation centers, but also Naropa University here in Boulder. He is well known for his book “Crazy Wisdom”, among others. Trungpa died in April 1987.

I didn’t take this seriously because it smelled too much of “specialty” (a very powerful trap) that made me run in the opposite direction, while his father took the bait and started running in our direction. That is another blog. The guru whose mission is to identify these souls traveled from Texas to visit me when I was pregnant. I didn’t like him, but I gratefully took the $ 800 check he gave me. I also chuckled, because at that moment I had sensed that Damien had Down syndrome and wondered what would happen to that revelation. I had chosen not to take any tests. He told me that I could look forward to a visit from Pema Chödrön, a well-known Buddhist teacher and disciple of Trungpa … I keep waiting.

During her first year I couldn’t go anywhere without someone stopping me to tell me I had a “special” child, and they weren’t just talking about her DS. Mind you, he also has Neptune / South Node / Uranus in his Midheaven. Most of these people were middle-aged wise women who worked in the healing arts and looked like modern witches. One day, while I was shopping at one of our 7 (soon to be 8) health food stores, a smart, well-dressed, arrogant-looking stranger came up to me and asked if I would like a “read.” Why not? It turned out to be Rennie Davis from the infamous Chicago Seven (originally eight), which also included Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale and others, charged with conspiracy in the 1960s related to the Vietnam War protests. Now it looks like he’s a venture capitalist and lecturer on meditation and self-awareness. He said that he was there to inform me that Damien had a special destiny and that I had been chosen as his mother because of the totally unconditional space that I had for him. At least my life is not boring.

The initial intensity with this problem has died down, but Damian is quite well known in Boulder.

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