Easter Label – Gift for Easter

The right Easter label can go a long way.

Not so long ago it was almost exclusive to say “Merry Christmas” to someone. With the age of political correctness and different religious views (or lack of religious views), many people choose to simply say “Happy Holidays” more often these days.

Easter can also present some similar problems due to its religious origins. Most of you know that Easter is based on the Christian belief that Jesus was crucified, died, and rose again. However, like Christmas, many people still celebrate this holiday, whether or not they are believers in Jesus or not.

So what if you are invited to an Easter brunch? Should you bring a gift? What if you or your host is not a Christian? Easter etiquette when it comes to gift giving is really a matter of good taste and common sense.

Whether or not you celebrate Easter as a Christian, think about the person who invited you to an Easter meal. If you know they are Christian, appropriate gifts for this holiday may include symbolic religious gifts. For example, gifts representing Jesus or a cross are common. Cross pendants or a wall crucifix are some of the most popular Easter gifts. If your host is not a Christian or you are unsure of his or her status, a pretty spring or flower themed gift basket will be appropriate.

Many people are baptized during Easter. You can easily find related gifts at Christian gift shops in your city that can help you find the right thing for the occasion. A symbolic candle or picture frame is a great way to help them remember this special day in their lives.

If your gift is geared towards children, you can never go wrong with an Easter bunny plush toy or the famous chocolate bunny. My personal favorite is the little yellow marshmallow candies. Buy a basket at the dollar store and fill it with your own candy and toys to save money.

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