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Asian Eye Makeup: Simple Tips You Can Start Using To Achieve Gorgeous Makeup

Asian eye makeup differs from region to region. The Chinese, Japanese and Thais have wrinkle-free eyelids. On the other hand, the eyes of the Middle East and India have wrinkled lids.

The crease of the eye is enhanced to give definition to the eyes. Asian eyes can appear darker and more vibrant shades due to darker skin tones. Otherwise, the makeup application technique is the same as that used for Caucasian eyes.

The makeup that is normally applied begins by touching the eyes with creams that fill in wrinkles and eliminate puffiness, followed by the translucent base to help bring out the color of the eyeshadow. You will start your makeup with a darker eye shade brushed on the outer edge, while the inner edge will take on a lighter shade. The lash is emphasized with a stripe of darker eyeshadow along its edge.

The eyebrows enhance the eyes, so it is best to shape, brush and fix them with the help of a gel. You can then apply mascara which also adds volume to the lashes. Sequins, glitter; Shimmering eyeshadows make Asian eyes fascinating.

Wrinkle-free eyes can be fixed with some Asian eye makeup tricks. A gray or brown eyeshadow can be applied a few shades darker than skin tone to create a false crease. The darker shades of the shade and eye line are applied along the lashes and then the rest of the eye is highlighted with a lighter shade.

The darker eyeshadows are always applied before the light tones and the look is completed by defining the eyes with eyeliner. Generally straight eyelashes without wrinkles can be curled with a curling wand or curling mascara, another option is to use pre-curled false eyelashes. You can apply the lashes with glue along the lash line, starting from the outer edge towards the inside, emphasizing the shape of the dark eyes.

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