A Yoga and Spirit Retreat For Those Who Want to Find Self-Esteem and Intuition

Who Want to Find Self-Esteem and Intuition

Meditation teacher training institutes provide authentic training in the art of meditation, as well as insightful insight into how to live a disciplined life through self-awareness and awareness of your own mind. The programs taught at the training centers are led by experienced yogis, yogic masters, and teachers from India and Sri Lanka. The curriculum offered ranges from core teachings of yoga and Buddhism to a more secular focus on insight meditation and mindfulness. Instructors are experts in their field, possessing years of experience teaching in various settings and holding meditation positions of both conventional and non-conventional types. They also receive specialized instruction in the techniques of teaching and lead an attentive and nurturing environment for their students.

Meditation teacher training online

The majority of the programs offer both classroom instruction as well as distance learning courses, facilitating full time or part time studies at the meditation teacher training institute. Classes range from the study of yoga principles, anatomy, physiology, ethics, meditation practice, breath control, and mindfulness to advanced techniques such as mindfulness meditation and contemplation. The programs are designed with flexibility in mind-body fitness and wellness in mind as well as integrating the practical aspects of meditation with information concerning healthy diets, fitness training, stress management and stress reduction.

The leading instructor at the meditation teacher training institute is Priscilla Coleman, who has been an instructor at the Insight Meditation Institute since the late eighties. Priscilla is an embodiment of a teacher who sees her role as being one of deep commitment to her students, who value her presence as a teacher as much as her knowledge. She has trained with numerous teachers over the years and has experienced much insight meditation since her first student, Dr. George Pickstock, who introduced the discipline to her in the early eighties.

A Yoga and Spirit Retreat For Those Who Want to Find Self-Esteem and Intuition

The Washington Center for Meditation offers an intensive program on the art of meditation and the faculty consists of some of the most accomplished and insightful meditation teachers in the country. In the Washington Center for Meditation, the guiding teacher, Dr. Linda Ellis, offers a three week course that introduces students to the basics of this ancient approach to improving life. This course includes anatomy and physiology, breathing exercise, nutrition, ethics, skill work, and insight meditation community. The center for meditation is led by Dr. Ellis who is a practicing doctor of medicine, who has also studied extensively the role of mental and physical health in disease prevention and healing.

The other leading instructor at the meditation teacher training institute in Washington DC is Joyce Williams, who was trained and received her master’s degree from the University of Maryland at College Park, specializing in Buddhist Psychotherapy. Ms. Williams has been a guest speaker at mindfulness conferences and workshops and has developed numerous workshops based on the cognitive behavioral approach to yoga, which is known as CBT. Dr. Williams is a leader in the world of integrative medicine and works with clients on wellness concepts such as mindfulness, gratitude, resilience, and equanimity. She lives in the District of Columbia area. Participants in the Washington DC retreats will have a chance to benefit from her teachings.

As if that weren’t enough, participants in the first experience of the Yoga and Spirit Retreat will also be introduced to a foundational practice in the life-changing teachings of Patanjali: Raja Yoga. This gentle form of meditation uses an age-old technique of relaxation and meditation to connect body, mind, and spirit. Its goal is to create balance through inner peace and physical fitness. Yoga and Spirit Retreat will help participants discover themselves through the discoveries of Raja Yoga and their new found sense of belonging.

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