Judith Ayaa and athletic performances: Africa, Commonwealth Games, Olympics, and Pan-African Gathering-USA. USA

Judith Ayaa was born on July 15, 1952 in the Koch Goma sub-county in the Nwoya district of Uganda. During an era when African women’s participation in athletics was in its predominantly nascent and amateur stage, the young Ayaa became a resonant name among African athletic stars. Ayaa became the first Ugandan woman to win a Commonwealth Games medal. There […]

Top 10 AI Apps to Inspire You

Let’s look at the 10 hottest AI apps that manage to harness tons of data in today’s changing environment. SIRI SIRI is one of the most famous artificial intelligence applications. It is a personal assistant software for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and AppleTV, which works as a smart knowledge guide for recommending, answering questions, and […]

How Globalization Is Affecting US Accounting

Globalization has led most countries to follow and teach the principles of IFRS. US-based companies follow GAAP rules, causing complications for US companies wanting to do business internationally. Both accounting practices provided useful and accurate interpretations of a company’s financial condition. However, comparing a financial statement that was made under GAAP with a statement that follows IFRS could lead to […]

Micro niche finder: secret formula for calculating the strength of the competition

Micro Niche Finder (MNF) is excellent keyword analysis software. For each niche, you get a list of similar and related keywords. For each keyword, you get the local and global search count, Google search trends, exact phrase count, ad cost, online business intent, measure of backlinks, and SOC: strength. from the competition. This parameter is crucial to correctly estimate the […]

Montessori Child Development Series: Art

Art in the classroom of a Montessori school is used in different ways. At the most basic level, art will teach the child to use a pencil and draw lines. But many of the exercises placed on the shelves of practical life are artistic in nature; which often include cutting, weaving, sewing, and stenciling. Art is one of the many […]