2 thrusting techniques that drive her crazy in bed

This probably won’t surprise you, but hardly any man takes the time to think about the thrusting techniques they use during sex.

I remember when I was having sex, before I learned all the “cool tricks” and ways to give women multiple orgasms, I never used to think about my thrusting techniques.

And if I was somehow thinking about how I was pushing, I was just assuming “it probably doesn’t matter how I’m pushing anyway” …

How wrong I was.

One of the things I discovered on my “journey” to becoming a great lover is that the thrusting techniques you use during sex can make the difference between having an orgasm more than 3 times or not feeling at all.

So if you don’t take anything away from reading this except one thing, let it be this.

Experiment with different thrusting techniques each time you have sex.

As soon as you start constantly experimenting, you will suddenly be shocked when you come across a few different thrusting techniques that drive her crazy.

And as you keep experimenting, you will discover more and more great thrusting techniques and eventually you will have a good collection of thrusting techniques that you can choose from each time you have sex that you know will lead to orgasm.

Now let me clarify a bit what I mean exactly by “thrusting techniques that drive her crazy.”

Thrusting techniques are how you push your penis in and out during sex.

Most men go for the fast approach, all in and out with no changes in pace, speed, depth, or timing.

This is where you can be different.

Start mixing the rhythm, speed, depth, and timing of your thrust.

Go fast a little, then go slow a little.

Dig a little deeper, then shallow a little.

You get the idea.

But you can also go a little further than this …

So here are two examples of some slightly more advanced pushing techniques that you can try or get ideas from …

1 – slowly increasing depth and speed

women love hoarding, teasing, and anticipation.

Getting your “thing” in full depth as soon as you start having sex is not any woman’s idea of ​​having a good time (unless you already have a history of sheer physical attraction and exceptional pleasure, in which case you can breaking the rules every now and then).

Like I said, women like to be made fun of.

So a great thrusting technique for this is to start sex by entering your penis into your vagina at an absolute minimum depth and very slowly.

Then take it out again.

Then next time, go in a little deeper and a little faster.

Then take it out again.

And repeat the process gradually making it deeper and faster.

In general, it is a fairly slow process and should take several minutes until you are in depth.

And because of all the teasing and anticipation you generated, she will appreciate your deep thrust 10 times more than if you started deep right away.

2 – slow and shallow with the occasional slow deep thrust

This is another great thrusting technique for her to appreciate your deep thrust.

If you get it right, you can experience his panting when you go deep.

How this works is pretty simple.

Most of the time it will push very shallow, about an inch or two deep.

Then every now and then, such as once for every 10 shallow thrusts, do a very slow thrust to full depth.

Due to the contrast to all the superficial lunges you just experienced, she will love the feeling of you entering all the way.

It works very well.

And remember to go deep once and then do 10 shallow thrusts again before going deep again.

So there you have it.

Two examples of different pushing techniques.

There are endless ways you can vary your pace, speed, depth, and timing as you push to create an incredible experience for her.

So start experimenting now.

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